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"It's an inspiring environment where you can ask lots of questions and you are free to express your creativity. It helped me find joy in reading and writing, including publishing my own book!" 
                -Serena, 5th grade, published author           
"Mr. Price and Ms. Danielle are awesome writing teachers, and I'm really happy to have learned how to write as well as I do now! My writing teacher loves my writing and it's all because of what they taught me!"
    - Shreyus, 8th grade, published author
"Jane Austen once wrote 'there’s nothing like staying at home for true comfort,'
and I have found that in Mr. Price’s writing classes. 
I can honestly say there is no true comfort equal to the feeling of great accomplishment I have achieved here. I am surrounded by inspirational and motivating teachers, and bright-minded writers I am proud to call friends – like I am proud to call this writing studio home."
                  - Lily, 10th grade, published author
"At the JMP Workshop, there's a warmth that one cannot find anywhere else. It's a place where I feel safe while talking about my imagination and passion for my writing. It's a place I will always be grateful for." 
                     - Ava, 8th grade, published author
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