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"Mark and Danielle have been instrumental in developing my children’s writing skills and passion for writing. They encourage camaraderie among the peer group and develop the children into leaders. Because of Mark Price and this workshop, my children identify themselves as 'writers' and want to pursue creative writing in their studies and careers. I could literally go on forever about how much we all love J Mark Price Workshop and Mark and Danielle." 


- Lisa Woods


"Over the past 5 years, Mr. Price has been the most inspiring teacher my son has ever had.   My son did not like to read prior to Mr. Price.  Mark was able to motivate him to becoming an avid reader and read almost 80 novels in one year.  He is also an exceptional writing coach.  My son’s high school English teacher praised his writing skills.  I credit Mark for greatly improving his writing ability.   Mr. Price has a gift in teaching. He sees the best in his students.  My son has always looked forward to attending his sessions. He is not just an exceptional teacher,  He is also someone who truly cares about my child. Mr. Price goes out of his way to help my son succeed. Thank you, Mark for all you have done!"


- Dr. Lily Chen


"My child has been with Mark Price for over 7 years. Mr. Price is a uniquely talented teacher who connects with his students. He has inspired my child to read and write more. He discovers and appreciates the special talents in each of his students. His tutoring caters to each individual student whether it's test preparation, essays, projects, or creative writing. He motivates his students, recognizing the uniqueness in each student, and creates sparks for the love of reading and writing in each student. My child looks forward to her time with Mr. Price each week." 


- Jennie Zhang


"Mark Price is a very talented educator who is able to get kids excited about reading and writing. He has helped my daughter improve her reading comprehension and writing skills tremendously and has helped her choose books she enjoys.  She always looks forward to her sessions with Mr. Price. His group workshops have also always been very educational and fun for the kids." 


Dr. Ketti Awad

"Mark and Danielle are excellent mentors who have truly helped my kids discover their talents in creative writing, hone their writing skills, and grow as writers. The warmth, encouragement and support Mark and Danielle give the students at every lesson make my kids eager to go to their lessons every week. As a parent, I’m grateful to Mark and Danielle for the lifelong benefits my kids have received at their workshop."


- Helen Li



"Brantley has been working with Mr. Price for about 8 years, starting in his wonderful classroom and continuing with the awesome studio! He has enjoyed the Friday creative writing group, summer creative writing camps and of course the one on one sessions with Mr. Price. It was amazing that Brantley got a chance to work with the younger children this summer in the camps as a volunteer!! We love Mr. Price!"


- Karen Doctor


"Anshul has been a student at Mark Price’s workshop for about 2 years now. For someone who could not write more than 4 lines at a time he has come a long way! He loves writing now and writing a three-page essay is a breeze. This could only be possible because of the caring and patient approach of his teachers Ms. Danielle Resh and Mr. Mark Price who instilled confidence in him. He looks forward to his classes every week and enjoys the interactive camps with other kids. I recommend the classes and the camps to all without reservation."


- Dr. Rashmi Jaitly


"Mark has magic in inspiring his students. My daughter came out of his creative writing workshop and told me "I want to write.” As soon as we got home, she continued to work on her story. Even more magically, I heard similar stories from other parents! My daughter LOVES her individual writing sessions with Danielle!  Danielle is very kind and patient, full of ideas, and she listens to the student and parent. With Danielle's help and guidance, my daughter is flourishing on her writing journey!"


- Yue Tian

"Our family has been blessed to know Mr. Mark Price for more than 11 years. Our oldest son, Joey, now a freshman in college, has worked with Mr. Price since he was 8, and Anthony, my 12 year old, started his relationship with Mr. Price at the age of 4. Mr. Price is a remarkable teacher, not only in the subject areas of reading and writing but also in life.  My sons have built an amazing relationship of trust and respect with their mentor.  They may walk in his office feeling stressed, anxious, or exhausted after a long day at school. When I pick them up after their 30-minute session, they have been inspired, rejuvenated, and excited to take on their next challenge. Mr. Price will not only help your child prepare academically for higher levels of English; he will inspire your child to achieve higher levels in life."  


- Stacy Urso

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mark and Danielle over the past few years. They have discovered how to teach children important skills while simultaneously making the process fun! In addition, they exude such positivity and make the children feel so good about themselves. We are incredibly grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with Mark and Danielle and would highly recommend them to others!" 


- Karen Feldman

"Mark has worked with my children for 11 years.  He has instilled within my children a deep love of reading and writing and has helped my son tremendously improve his organizational and time management skills." 


- Dr. Joanie Andrews

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