We are so proud of how our students give back!



A group of our reading and writing students gathered at the Friends For Life animal rescue shelter in the Heights to read to the dogs and cats waiting there for their forever homes. Friends For Life is a 100% no-kill animal shelter, and it was a thrill both to see the kids experience reading in a new and meaningful way, and to see the animals respond enthusiastically to the kids' voices and presence. The intersection of children + reading + shelter animals made for a VERY special event for our kids AND the animals!


Our students share their reading passion with seniors each time we visit them. We bring the library to them!



In 2016, 77 of our creative writing students, ranging from 4-17 years old, contributed compelling stories and poetry to The Other Moon: Students Writing to Save Animals Anthology. 

All sales from this very special, literary tour de force benefit the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned animals in Houston. The young writers here all are dedicated to a single vision: to use their writing, their creativity, their artistry, to save animals, to support them finding their way off the streets and into forever homes.


There are so many great stories here, weaving in and out of practically every genre. There is mystery and adventure and comedy; there is fantasy and magic, friendships broken and repaired; there are Greek and Roman gods mingling with humans; there are fortune tellers and vampires and haunted houses and adorable animal characters that will put a glow in your cheeks. There is societal thoughtfulness and concern here as well – powerful, character-driven stories set against the Holocaust and 9/11; there are poignant stories deeply concerned with modern racial injustice, and ones that reach back farther, back-dropped against slavery in the Deep South. There are gripping stories about what may lie beyond this life, and which may well bring tears to your eyes. And there are many, many stories about our animal friends. The students set out with this anthology both to write great works and to change the world. The Other Moon is currently available for sale on amazon.com.