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One-on-One Sessions

At J Mark Price's Reading & Writing Workshop, we provide highly individualized instruction tailored to the educational and emotional needs of each student. We meet each student where they are and work to help them grow not only their reading and writing skills, but their self-confidence as well. 

Students in our reading program choose the books they find interesting from our extensive library. Our focus on student choice encourages engagement and self-confidence in our students as they improve their comprehension skills. 

We also work with students of all ages to help them develop their writing skills, ranging from creative writing (crafting short stories, poetry, and full-blown novels!) to essay writing and personal narratives. Students as young as 4 years-old have independently published their books through our studio.  

We support students in preparing for tests such as the ISEE (at all levels) and STAAR, as well as lend support with schoolwork, essay writing, spelling, vocabulary, and more. And we love helping students create unique and powerful essays for their college applications!


Summer Camps, Workshops, & Individual Sessions
Priority Enrollment begins in February for upcoming summer
We offer the following outstanding group programs throughout the summer in addition to one-on-one sessions. Our inspiring summer camps and workshops include:

Creative Writing Camp

~Rising 1st Grades through High School~


Essay & Grammar Review Boot Camp

~Rising 3rd to 9th Grade~

Love of Reading/Reading Passage Mastery Camp

~Rising 3rd to 8th Grade~

Film Study/ Creative Writing Camp

~Rising 7th Grade to College~


Individual/Private Summer Sessions

Individual/Private Sessions: Language Arts & Math

~All Ages, 6 Years Old - College~


We offer expert, engaging individual/private sessions by our highly experienced studio faculty for:


Creative Writing

Essay and Academic Writing

Reading Comprehension

Grammar and Vocabulary 

Math: All Levels and Subjects

Science: Chemistry and Biology 

ISEE Preparation

SAT/ACT Preparation

College Application Essays

College English Preparation

We will focus your private sessions to work on exactly what you would like to during your individual session times. For guidance being paired for individual summer sessions with our ideal specialist for your child, please email Mark at

Please click to the “2023 Summer Program” tab at the top for detailed camp descriptions and enrollment details

Fall Creative Writing Groups
Each Fall

Friday Writing Group has long been a favorite for students and families at our studio! Our Friday creative writing groups take students through the process of learning to generate writing ideas as well as building fully realized characters and plot. Students study writing techniques such as figurative language, imagery/descriptive writing, dialogue, and many more writing strategies that will immediately impact and elevate writing levels and inspire young writers. Most importantly, students learn to see themselves as writers. Structured as a traditional writing workshop, the Friday groups teach students how to discuss and develop their writing with one another and build a warm, supportive community.


Fall Essay Writing Workshops
Each Fall 

Our Essay Writing Workshop consists of two intensive sessions on consecutive Sundays focusing on essay writing structure and prompt-response work to prepare students for classroom, ISEE, and STAAR-based essay writing. Students will learn and practice all aspects of essay writing: thesis and topic sentences, supporting details, evidence, constructing body paragraphs, and writing effective introduction and concluding paragraphs.


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