We are thrilled to announce our 2021 Summer Program, which includes all of our outstanding summer camps and workshops, including Essay Writing Boot Camp, Love of Reading/Mastery of Reading Passages Camp, Readers, Writers, Storytellers Camp (for our youngest students!) and VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON options for our very popular Creative Writing Camp, as well as individual/private sessions with our fabulous team of writing (and math!) specialists. Please click on the “About” tab and scroll down to read more about our writing team, all of who will be offering private lessons this summer, pending availability!

***Please note: We will begin a gradual transition back to in-person teaching at the studio this summer, including several sessions of our Creative Writing Camp, grades 3rd and up, being offered in-person (taught by Mark). Individual/private sessions with Mark, Nhu, Anna, Danielle and Amanda are offered as CLIENT OPTION: IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL. Your teacher will let you know if that status changes before your session(s).

This summer we offer the following camps for the following age groups:




Readers, Writers, Storytellers

~Rising 1st and 2nd Grades~

Focuses on creativity: creative writing, individual and collaborative storytelling, reading/reading discussion, poetry, thought-provoking journal work, and turning pictures into stories – an inspiring self-expression experience! 



Creative Writing Camp

~Rising 3rd Grades to College~

The creative writing camps continue to be by far the most popular camps with our students. Our workshop here is completely unlike classroom creative writing or any other creative writing program we are aware of locally; it is a true writing workshop, in which the kids not only quickly gain significant writing skills, but learn also to talk to each other about their writing, developing insight and feedback skills, and truly learn to see themselves as writers. There is a film component to the creative writing camp, time permitting, which the kids always love (using inspirational movies to teach writing elements like character and conflict), and of course a big writing celebration to end each session. The creative writing camps are as much about WRITING INSPIRATION as they are about the writing skills themselves. 

Essay & Grammar Review Boot Camp

~Rising 3rd to 9th Grade~

We hear so frequently from families that there is such a huge need for this academic writing camp, focused on essay writing (ISEE, classroom and STAAR-based), as well as personal narrative/nonfiction writing, with a grammar review component (we are always surprised at how many students we find - even in upper middle school - who are unable to label the most basic parts of speech. We will fix this!). This camp will include work on essay writing, personal narrative/short memoir, and a daily warm-up focused on grammar, including parts of speech, punctuation, fragments and run-ons. 

Love of Reading/Reading Passage Mastery Camp

~Rising 3rd to 8th Grade~

This reading camp has two primary goals: the first, always, is helping kids develop as readers and thinkers through a love of reading, working in books they choose and want to read, as we spend time reading and discussing in our reading workshop literary elements like character and conflict, mood and setting. Like the creative writing camps, we also use inspirational and engaging films in this camp to further our understanding of these literary elements. Our second focus for this camp, because reading passages are a critical part of student success in the private and public school environment (ISEE, ERB, STARR and so on), will be teaching strategies to more effectively and confidently navigate standardized reading passages. 

ISEE Math Workshop (Lower Level) and ISEE Math Workshop (Upper Level)

The ISEE is a key component of the application process to independent schools, and we are excited to offer this outstanding, dynamic ISEE preparatory workshop that will cover ALL skills for the Mathematics Achievement and Quantitative Reasoning sections – the two math sections of the ISEE. This workshop is taught by our fabulous math specialist, Nhu Le.


Individual/Private Sessions

Individual/Private Sessions: Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, ISEE Preparation, and All Language Arts

~All Ages~

Mark, Danielle, Amanda and Anna all have dedicated blocks of time on the summer schedule for individual/private sessions. We can structure your private sessions to work on whatever you would like during your individual times: creative writing, reading comprehension, ERB/ISEE reading passages strategy and practice, vocabulary, essay, grammar, or personal narrative writing (we will check in with folks who have enrolled for individual sessions as we get closer to those dates, and we can discuss exactly how you would like us to focus our work for those sessions). 


Individual/Private Sessions: Math- All Levels and Subjects of Classroom Mathematics, Through College, Including ISEE, SAT, and ACT Preparation

~All Ages~

We offer individual math sessions with our outstanding mathematics specialist, Nhu Le. Nhu works with students of all ages, from 5 up through college students, and will work with you to individuate your sessions in any way you would like: she can provide support for students who need extra help or review to shore up their classroom math skills, or she can work with kids to really get ahead of their grade level. Nhu also is a test prep expert, having successfully prepared many of our students for their ISEE, SAT, and ACT exams. She will customize your sessions to meet students exactly where they are and to help them fly from there!

Individual/private sessions are purchased in 30-minute increments, and you may purchase multiple sessions back to back, pending availability, to create longer blocks.

To view all specific information, including days and times for all camp sessions, camps which meet virtually and which meet in-person, as well as days and times offered for individual sessions by instructor, as well as to enroll, please click the link below:


We look forward to seeing you for a summer full of writing, reading, and inspiration!