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We are thrilled to announce our 2024 Summer Program, filled with engaging, inspiring camps for students of all ages, including Creative Writing Camp, Essay Writing Boot Camp, Love of Reading/Reading Passages Mastery Camp, and Film Study + Creative Writing Camp! 

Our fabulous studio team of writing, reading, and math specialists will also be offering individual/private sessions all summer in all of the areas above as well as ISEE and SAT preparation, expert, engaging math sessions for students ages 6-college, preparation for high school and college English for incoming freshman, and college application essay mentoring. Please see below the detailed description of and enrollment links for all camps and individual sessions.




Readers, Writers, Storytellers

(Creative Writing Camp for the little folks)

~Rising 1st and 2nd Grades~

Focuses on creativity: creative writing, individual and collaborative storytelling, reading/reading discussion, poetry, thought-provoking journal work, and turning pictures into stories – an inspiring self-expression experience! This camp meets IN-PERSON.



Creative Writing Camp

~Rising 3rd Grades to College~

The creative writing camps continue to be the most popular camps with our students. Our workshop here is completely unlike classroom creative writing or any other creative writing program we are aware of locally; it is a true writing workshop, in which the kids not only quickly gain significant writing skills but learn also to talk to each other about their writing, developing insight and feedback skills, and truly learn to see themselves as writers. Kids will study major components of building a successful writing piece, beginning with idea generation and exploring development of character and conflict, and many writing voice strategies, such as imagery/descriptive writing, figurative language, diction/word choice, and authentic dialogue, and each session ends with a grand writing celebration during which writers share their work with their colleagues. The creative writing camps are as much about WRITING INSPIRATION as they are about the writing skills themselves. This camp meets IN-PERSON.

Essay & Grammar Review Boot Camp

~Rising 3rd to 9th Grade~

I hear so frequently from families that there is such a huge need for this academic writing camp, focused on essay writing (for the classroom and also for standardized tests such as the ISEE and the STAAR), as well as personal narrative/nonfiction writing, with a grammar review component (we are always surprised at how many students we find - even in upper-middle school - who are unable to label the most basic parts of speech. We will fix this!). This camp will include work on essay writing, personal narrative/short memoir, as well as a grammar review focused on elements such as parts of speech, punctuation, fragments and run-ons. There are both IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL sessions offered of this camp.

Love of Reading/Reading Passage Mastery Camp

~Rising 3rd to 8th Grade~

This year's reading camp will have two primary goals: the first, always, is helping kids develop as readers and thinkers through a love of reading, working in books they choose and want to read, as we spend time reading and discussing in our reading workshop literary elements such as character and conflict, mood and setting, and work to elevate our comprehension and inference skills. Our second focus for this camp, because reading passages are a critical part of student success in the private and public school environment (ISEE, ERB, STARR and so on), will be teaching strategies to more effectively and confidently navigate standardized reading passages. This camp meets IN-PERSON.

Film Study/ Creative Writing Camp

~Rising 7th Grade to College~

Studying film elements is a powerful way to engage and teach narrative concepts like characterization and conflict and mood and tone, and to demonstrate creating meaningful, inspiring stories around important themes and issues. Exploring these elements through movies connects in a natural way to creative writing, as we watch, analyze, and then apply these strategies to our writing. This camp will consist of working our way through several inspiring films, doing deep-dive analysis in a workshop format, and then weaving these concepts into our own writing. This camp meets IN-PERSON.


Individual/Private Sessions

Individual/Private Sessions: Language Arts & Math

~All Ages, 6 Years Old - College~

We offer expert, engaging individual/private sessions by our highly experienced studio faculty for:


***Creative Writing

***Essay and Academic Writing

***Reading Comprehension

***Grammar and Vocabulary 

***ISEE Preparation

***SAT/ACT Preparation

***Math – all ages and all subjects (Nhu Le)

***Math - ISEE and SAT/ACT preparation (Nhu Le)

***College Application Essays

***High School English Preparation

***College English Preparation

We will focus your private sessions to work on exactly what you would like to during your individual session times. For guidance being paired for individual summer sessions with our ideal specialist for your child, please email Mark at

Enroll Here:




To view all specific camp details, including days and times and in-person and virtual options, as well as to enroll, please click the link below:


Individual Sessions

To view all specific summer availability for a particular studio specialist and to enroll in summer sessions with them, please click their link below and follow the instructions in red carefully:

Mark Price

(Specialties: creative writing, essay writing, reading comprehension, ISEE preparation, college application essay guidance, all facets of language arts)

Star Han

(Specialties: creative writing, essay writing, reading comprehension, ISEE preparation, SAT preparation, all facets of language arts, preparing rising 9th graders for high school English)

Nhu Le

(Specialties: math for all ages - 6 years old – college, ISEE preparation, SAT preparation, high school biology and chemistry)

Anna Meriano

(Specialties: creative writing, essay writing, reading comprehension, ISEE preparation, SAT preparation, preparing rising 9th graders for high school English)

Amber Kennedy 

(Specialties: all facets of English for middle school, high school, and college, essay writing, reading comprehension, ISEE preparation, preparing rising 9th graders for high school English, preparing high school seniors for college English)

We look forward to seeing you for a summer full of writing, reading, and inspiration!

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